Deadly Gaming Bi-Weekly Update #1

Friday, 22 November 2013 by

Deadly Gaming’s Bi-Weekly Update #1   Player of The Month – Last month’s PoM Winner was Stevo! Congratulations to him and the other nominees he faced, Firemonkey and Taz. http://www.deadlygam…-ends-17112013/ In this instalment of the PoM it is Invisabit vs. AGSoldier vs. BaByShaQ. It should be a tight one so stay posted here. http://www.deadlygam…-ends-03122013/ If

Windows 8/8.1 Desktop Review

Sunday, 03 November 2013 by

December 8, 2013 UPDATE: I mentioned in the article that Windows 8/8.1 does not have a competent search function. After speaking to a friend at college who had a functioning Windows 8.1 search function, I found out that I was wrong about this. Windows 8.1 was not finding certain administrative tasks because I disabled indexing