Being that Windows 8 is already out, and most aren’t quite ready to undertake the overhaul in fear of software/hardware incompatibility, and… we’ll… just the new intimidating GUI Win8 brings to the table, I thought I would take the time to help some users tune their Win7 machines. Mind you, many of these tweaks are transitional with both Vista or even Win8 systems if you happen to be running them.

Windows 7 is already a much more elegant, better performing and responsive operating system than its past predecessors, however there are some tricks, tweaks and changes you can do yourself to speed her up even more. If you were someone who upgraded to Win7 from a somewhat older PC, and feel that your hardware is likely a little bit behind, some of these methods may be a cheaper solution than going out and getting a brand new machine. Through implementing these modifications, you can very much increase your system performance in a very short period of time.

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