I feel like I’m already getting off on the wrong foot with my audience here. It’s like walking into a film appreciation meeting and saying that you enjoyed Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Call of Duty has become the new popular thing to hate, along with EA, always online DRM, and that 12 year old kid that said things in voice chat that no 12 year old kid should ever have the capability of saying.

 I’ve been playing Call of Duty since the original, and although I’ve had a few issues, I’ve found myself enjoying Black Ops 2 more than any other Call of Duty game, but not entirely for the reasons that people may think. I’m the same guy that said Black Ops 1 was simply meh, and Modern Warfare 3 was simply not holding up to the previous games. But I prefer Black Ops 2 not exactly for the game play, but for the customization of your character.