Corsair Vengeance K70 Review

by / Friday, 17 May 2013 / Published in Editorials & Reviews

I just got my Corsair Vengeance K70, Corsair’s latest gaming keyboard designed for FPS players. I will first be doing a “First Impressions” of the keyboard, and later I will either write a follow up or just edit this article after I’ve used it for awhile. So here it goes:

Pros: – Aluminum chassis – Mechanical (Cherry MX Red) – Wrist Rest – Illuminated keys – Media controls  - Contoured textured keys

Cons: – Mechanical (Cherry MX Red) (will explain later) – Contoured textured keys – No software for easy configuration

Ok, so now I’ll evaluate on the pros. So the K70 is built with a strong aluminum chassis. You can just tell by feeling it that it’s very durable and it offers a very professional look. The K70 is a mechanical keyboard with cherry MX red switches, which are very smooth and responsive and you can hear a nice click. It’s very easy to press down on them, so your fingers don’t get fatigued easily. Also, cherry MX red switches are considered the best type for gaming. The keyboard comes with a comfortable wrist rest that spans the entire keyboard, unlike it’s predecessor, the K60. The wrist rest is comfortable and it doesn’t get smudged so you don’t have to worry about fingerprints. The K70, comes in two color options, a black chassis with red LEDs, or a silver chassis with blue LEDs. I opted for the red LEDs. Each key is individually lighted, so everything looks uniform. The keys are raised slightly, so the back lighting of each key makes it look like they are floating, which adds a nice effect. You can customize the lighting by using different buttons on the keyboard. You can adjust the brightness, and you can choose which individual keys you want lit.  The K70 comes with media controls, so there are buttons that pause, stop, fast forward, etc. and there is a roller that adjusts the volume. Included in the package are contoured, textured keys for the WASD keys and 1-6.  They feel comfortable and make it easy to find where to put your fingers.

Now to the cons. Ok, so the reason why I said the MX red switches are also a con is because sometimes they can be too easy to push down if you’re used to having to use force. I found this especially annoying with the space bar, which seems the easiest to accidentally push down, so that often adds unwanted spaces between  letters. However, this should eventually go away once you’ve gotten used to  it. It’s not a big deal and shouldn’t stop you from buying this keyboard. Also, a small issue with the textured 1-6 keys is that they don’t have the symbols that you type with them, such as the exclamation point. This isn’t really an issue with me since I know where they are anyways, but it could be an issue with other people. Keep in mind that the textured keys are optional. You don’t have to put them on if you don’t like them. Finally, this keyboard doesn’t come with software that you can customize it with, so you have to use the buttons it gives you on the keyboard itself to customize it manually.

Overall, I would give this keyboard an 8/10, but it may change later on. This is definitely a great keyboard, and it’s worth the  money. If you are in the market for a new keyboard, you should definitely consider this one.

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  1. Brklyn says : Reply

    Nice right up. Thanks for the info on this key board, its was the one i was looking to get.

  2. Stevo says : Reply

    Very nice article. I have been searching for a good replacement keyboard that will be my first mechanical one. I have been looking for a few months now and this one looks perfect as well as not having all of these extra keys for mmorpg games on them that I never use. Again, great review and I can’t wait to pick one up!

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