Crysis 3: Performance Reports

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Hey everyone. So I have started playing the Crysis 3 campaign, which is pretty awesome to say the least. It differs in a handful of ways from previous titles of Crysis, but none which I can say make the franchise look bad.

I expected it to be roughly as hardware intensive as the BF3 platform, but it’s a little more complicated than I thought! Of course, it is Crysis, so it’s a given that anyone will require a good rig to run it.. but Yeesh. My system is being brought to it’s knees! I can run at about 30-40fps on all high-settings, but I like to play with at least two to three settings on Ultra for that extra “glamor” which Crysis brings to the table. (Go big or go home right?)

By switching those few settings to Ultra, it drops me completely into the mid 20′s range, which is just not acceptable. I’d love to be the kind of guy who could just drop the graphics to all medium, and run at 50-60FPS, but than it feels cheap and almost looks.. “consolish?.” Lol. Which is not a standard I like to settle for when it comes to Crysis, or PC gaming for that matter. I love Crysis and BF3 for the atmosphere they put you in on their Ultra settings. They suck you into the game on Ultra.

In order to run with those select few Ultra settings with a good FPS, I had to overclock both my GPU and CPU to squeeze those extra few FPS out of the “action packed busy scenes” to eliminate any stuttering (explosions, gunfire, etc). My i5 (stock clock 2.67GHz) is now running at a 4.0GHz, (water cooled of course). My GPU is a MSI 560ti 2GB GDDR5 OC Edition (Twin Frozr), along with an older Superclocked GTX 280 for Physics processing. Unfortunately Crysis 3 does not use the conventional Nvidia proprietary PhysX. Crytek have their own physics software coded with the CryEngine which runs with your primary GPU; basically rendering my GTX 280 useless. So I won’t have any advantage there..

Crysis32013-02-2702-28-39-78_zps5e98ae5aNote that I have not enabled VSync, MSAA, or SMAA. Reason being that they are resource hogs, but I don’t have to tell you guys that. We have all fiddled with VSync or AA in one game or another. (There isn’t much screen tearing to be dealt with anyways). I did switch to FXAA, since it looks just about as good as the other AA’s, and uses next to no resources. Using FXAA saved me about 10FPS, so i’d give that a shot if you are struggling. You guys may have used it before in Skyrim, which helps make things look a little more soft and real, without killing your raw processing power. I am running at 1680×1050, so that’s fairly average for today. Ensure you have Nvidia’s latest drivers as well, since they have the latest Crysis 3 performance updates included.

So, I have included some pics below of my in-game action, along with the FRAPS FPS counter for reference. Hopefully this helps give those who are having issues with Crysis an idea of how to configure their system. I’m no guru, but I like to help keep people informed. Especially on this topic, as it took quite some time to tune my computer, and find that acceptable quality:performance ratio. I have already heard of a few on TS who have have been “blind-sided” by Crysis 3′s new system demands on their PC’s, and the fact that it’s solely DX11.

Post up your experiences with Crysis 3, and any tips/tricks to help those who may be having performance issues.

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