Deadly Gaming Bi-Weekly Update #1

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Deadly Gaming’s Bi-Weekly Update #1


Player of The Month -

Last month’s PoM Winner was Stevo! Congratulations to him and the other nominees he faced, Firemonkey and Taz.

In this instalment of the PoM it is Invisabit vs. AGSoldier vs. BaByShaQ.
It should be a tight one so stay posted here.

If you know someone who deserves to be nominated for the Player of the Month Award, message NextGen with your nomination and your reasoning.
Or if you have any questions about the PoM, message NextGen with the link below.

Signature of The Month -

The last SOTM was Halo themed and included over half a dozen submissions. Here was the winner voted by you courtesy of Next Generation.

In this Signature of the Month contest it is Call of Duty Ghosts vs. Battlefield 4.
There are already several submissions in with the due date being the 27th of November. Here is the link for further details.

If you have any questions about the Signature of the Month contest or wish to submit an entry, message me at the link below.


Deadly Gaming Events -


October 29th the DG events team held a BF3 fight night for members ranking GMR/PVT and up. The rules were simple, who ever had the highest score through three rounds would win a brand new copy of BF4 for the PC. Ruddiga stepped up and inched out a victory to claim the prize and was the BF3 fight night winner.


November 15th the League of Legends fight night was held and oh what a fight it was. A total of 8 participants got together to duke it out for the top three prizes. 1st place was a $25 RP code, second was a $10 RP code, and third was a tier 1 skin of the players choice. Three matches took place which consisted of “Don’t get pulled”, “Hide N Go Seek”, and “Tag You’re It!”. In the end there was a tie for first place between BaByShaQ and AGSoldier with Kakkoii taking 3rd place. It was decided that first place would be settled with a tie breaker, both players agreed to a 1 v 1 on the map howling abyss. BaByShaQ selected Garen while AGSoldier selected Jayce. After a long fight of poking and Demaciaing BaByShaQ came out the victor.


That’s all the events we have for this edition make sure to check in for the next update and keep track of the events so you can participate and be included in our next update; and don’t forget to vote for the Deadly Gaming Community in the top100clans whenever you get a chance.


Thanks for your time,


DG|BaByShaQ & DG|AGSoldier


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