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DeadlyGaming is an online PC gaming clan that sustains and promotes good gaming, sportsmanship, loyalty and honesty in the lives of gamers all over the world. More information about the clan can be found here: DeadlyGaming

DeadlyCraft Spawn

DeadlyCraft Spawn, created by members of the clan by hand

Has Minecraft become too easy for you? Are you tired of building the same old crummy house, with no real motivation? Are you tired of getting in trouble for letting out that little bit of evil inside you? Pain yourself no more, as DeadlyGaming is proud to bring to you DeadlyCraft, a unique hard-core PVP server. What is hard-core PVP you may ask? Essentially DeadlyCraft is a faction based server that not only allows griefing and raiding, but highly encourages it. We give you the freedom to let out your inner madman, and run loose.

The server is mostly vanilla with the exception of the Factions plugin, MCMMO, and various minor plugins including Treecapitator. The Factions plugin allows yourself and a bunch of friends to team up, and attempt to become the dominating power of the server. Create your faction and run off into our infinitely-spawning wilderness, establish a base and protect it to the best of your abilities. Annihilate other opposing factions, as you climb your way up and fight with some of the clan’s most experienced and brutal players. How do you compete with the strength of our top players? The MCMMO plugin provides you with the necessary skills to do so! MCMMO breaks down most of the actions of playing Minecraft, and turns them into skills that you can level up. These skills include Acrobatics, Unarmed, Mining, Excavation, Repair, Woodcutting, Herbalism, Swords, Archery, Taming, Fishing and Axes. These skills add little in-game bonuses which provide more useful at higher levels. An example of this would be the Mining skill giving the player a chance to have double drops while mining stone and valuable ores.

Candyland Tower

Candyland Tower, the base of the most developed faction of the server.

So what would the rules of a hardcore PVP server be you may ask? The rules are simple and are as follows:

  1. No swearing. No racism.
  2. We all understand that not everyone who plays Minecraft is of a mature age. Being respectful of other player’s beliefs and orientation is a heavily moderated part of the server. We respect you as a player, all we ask is that you respect us in return.

  3. Listen to Moderators and Admins at all times.
  4. If the Moderators and Administrators have something to say/do, be respectful as they are merely doing their job of maintaining the server. At the end of the day, their word is final. Resisting their orders may result in your removal from our server.

  5. Do not annoy other players or disrespect other players in-game.
  6. As the server is highly competitive the Administrators and Moderating team understand that game-talk is very common. There is however a line where game-talk ends and being outright abusive starts. If a player tells you to stop, or if a Moderator warns you of your behavior, it is in your best interest to tone it down. Annoying other players is also a ban-able offense. If we find you harassing another one of our players, we will remove you from our server as we do not tolerate it.

  7. PVP is allowed.
  8. PVP is always allowed whenever it is available. The wilderness is a vast place, full of potential for danger. Be warned though, just because your friend is in your faction, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have the idea of killing you for your precious belongings.

    Griefing is encouraged

    TNT is by far the easiest method of rival eradication.

  9. Griefing is allowed.
  10. Don’t be mistaken, we encourage you to destroy and dismantle anything that is not protected. If you can break it, whoever constructed it didn’t do a good enough job of defending it. Got TNT? Got lava buckets? Use all the TNT or lava you want, just don’t lag out/crash our server.

  11. No crying to Moderators or Administrators about being griefed or killed.
  12. We get it, you died, want a medal? There will be little to no sympathy given if you meet misfortune in our wilderness. It’s survival of the fittest. If you cry to a Moderator, he will more than likely kill you himself as a result. Moderators are normal players, with no commands other than /kick and /tempban.

  13. No hacks or cheats.
  14. We have our own ways of detecting foul play on the server. Be it X-ray, Fly, Nodus or any other form of hacked client, rest assured we will find you out, and you will be permanently banned from the server.

  15. You will be rewarded for discovering and reporting bugs.
  16. Find a bug? Report it to us, you will be rewarded according to the severity of the bug.

  17. Use /helpop for Admin help.
  18. Need an online Admin to pop by and have a look at something? Have a question you want answered? Feel free to ask any of our friendly staff questions in regards to the server. We are here to make sure the players are having a fun time. Be warned though, do not ask Moderators/Administrators to spawn in items or mobs. You will be swiftly warned and if you repeat the offense, you may be banned as a result.

  19. Do not advertise content outside of DeadlyGaming or DeadlyCraft
  20. We all hate adverts in the chat bar, it’s annoying and no one wants to see it, particularly if it’s spammed repeatedly. If you advertise on our server you may be banned as a result.

  21. Please use English in our chat bar.
  22. We are more than understanding that you would like to use your mother-tongue whilst chatting. And although a select few people may understand what you are saying, none of our Moderators or Administrators will. So for that reason we kindly ask you to remain to the common tongue.


The board describing the punishments of various actions.


The ruleboard, outlining the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of the server.

The server has been facing hard times recently, but is on its way to becoming a top 100 server as it once was. It is highly recommended that you start playing now, before player traffic makes the server increasingly hard to play. We highly anticipate your future participation in our server, and we wish to see you very soon.

DG| Irisden

DeadlyCraft Moderator

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