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Welcome to the latest installment of DG News and Announcements, a lot of you will probably be aware of the latest info but for those that would like to catch up hopefully this post is what you are looking for.

Congratulations once again to everyone receiving a rank up for the past month, and to the rest of you there is always next time. Be sure to stay active and contribute as much as you can for the chance to move up.

Below are the members who have received a new rank this month:

1st Company

1st Platoon

  • DG| Irisden |CPL -> |SGT
  • DG| TinyTim |SPC -> |LCPL
  • DG| wizdum |PFC -> |SPC
  • DG| AGSoldier |SSG -> |GYSGT
  • DG| Dizzy |PVT -> |PFC
  • DG| ChaosRumpus |PVT -> |PFC
  • DG| Tyhk |PFC -> |SPC

2nd Platoon

  • DG| Noblekiller |MSG -> |1SG
  • DG| BooGie Man |CPL -> |SGT
  • DG| JayRad11 |CPL -> |SGT
  • DG| B-rad |PVT -> |PFC

3rd Platoon

  • DG| GordonPayne30 |SGT -> |SSG
  • DG| Ghostpunk121 |CPL -> |SGT
  • DG| Stromby |PVT -> |PFC


2nd Company

1st Platoon

  • DG| Fluffy |PFC -> |SPC
  • DG| Dwarf_Magic |PFC -> |SPC
  • DG| Invisabit |1SG -> |MGYSGT
  • DG| MrCompEng |PFC -> |SPC
  • DG| Bluntwhisper |PVT -> |PFC

2nd Platoon

  • DG| Ollie754 |SSG -> |GYSGT
  • DG| Phenom |LCPL -> |CPL
  • DG| PhantomDot1 |CPL -> |SGT

3rd Platoon

  • DG| razzkoHD |PVT -> |PFC
  • DG| ViRuS |PFC -> |SPC


3rd Company

1st Platoon

  • DG| Lafroste |LCPL -> |CPL

2nd Platoon

  • DG| Mimic |LCPL -> |CPL
  • DG| Karma |SPC -> |LCPL
  • DG| ShiiFTYz |PFC -> |SPC


Also, congratulations to the officers who were just ranked up (forgive me if I miss anyone):

  • DG| Fastnet44 |GEN
  • DG| Vamk |BG
  • DG| MinnyMaus |BG
  • DG| GigaOrion |MJR
  • DG| BaByShaQ |CPT
  • DG| NameNo1Chose |2LT
  • DG| bentbarrel |2LT




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Congratulations to Invisabit for winning PoM last month.

This month’s PoM candidates are:

You decide who you think is the most worthy contender for player of the month by voting in this thread.

SOTMPosted Image
May saw the arrival of another new Signature of the Month competition, the artwork to be included this time were some nice League of Legend images. The entries have all been collected and are up for your deliberation. You can view the voting thread here.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Tournament

The Events team is proud to announce the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Grand Tournament! We will have a Free-For-All tournament and a 2v2 Search and Destroy tournament on August 10 & 11. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 in FFA and the top 2 teams in S&D. Sign up here.


Vote Top100
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Don’t forget to cast your vote for the top100 clans! We did not do as well as we would have liked last month. Already, we are doing better than last month, so keep up the great work!

Vote Here

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