R.A.T. 7 Mouse Review

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The R.A.T. 7 mouse is a revolutionary idea that has been brought to us by the company MadCatz. I picked this mouse up about a year and a half ago, and is still running like a champ. Lets get to the details:

The R.A.T. is a fully customizable  mouse with interchangeable palm and little finger plates, and comes along with a swivel thumb rest that can be adjusted to your liking. There are also three different DPI settings on the mouse that can be adjusted with the software included, along with a precision button to adjust the DPI at any given point . A weight set located in the bottom of the mouse adds even more options by allowing you to change the heaviness of the mouse. You can have a light mouse for speed, or a heavy mouse for control, and the beauty of it all is that you can choose any setting to fit your needs. Now to the Pros and Cons:


  • Very well built (feels solid and not cheap in your hand)
  • Fits larger hands as well as smaller ones with adjustment
  • Comfortable design
  • A very edgy and cool design


  • The cord from the mouse could be slightly longer
  • The price point for the mouse is a little high (although I found it worth it, new buyers might be skeptical)


At first, a $99.99 dollar mouse looks a little daunting, and some might say that it could be better to just go with a Razer mouse. While I have nothing against the Razer mice series, I believe that Cyborg has developed a much more high quality piece of hardware that will adjust to almost anyone’s preferences. Even the tool to adjust every aspect of the mouse is all contained within the part that supports your wrist. A small case is included with the mouse holding all of the extra interchangeable parts and extra weights.

I can honestly say that after a year and a half of owning this mouse, I refuse to switch to another brand. The R.A.T. series has proven to me that a mouse can be more than just a piece of plastic that is used everyday. It has shown that it can be a precision tool that can and will make a difference when it comes to gaming. They also have developed different styles of the mouse according to the different games you play. The R.A.T. 9 mouse has more buttons for the MMO gamer, where the R.A.T. M is for the people who are consistently gaming on the go.

This time around, I am going to give the R.A.T. 7 a 9.75/10. If you have a few extra dollars you are willing to spend, the R.A.T will be worth every dollar.

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  1. shawn severas says : Reply

    well i have the rat 3 mouse red in color. 3500 dpi it is pretty awesome lol ive been using the same mouse for 6 months now not a single problem yet.

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