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So I was browsing around on Razer’s website www.razerzone.com and I came across this amazing software of theirs. They simply call it Razer Surround. This software turns any regular stereo headphones into 7.1 surround sound. I have used this for about a week now and I’m very happy with the results it has produced.

Let’s get into what Razer has to talk about before I go into my personal experience with this product of theirs. They say that the current generation virtual surround technologies are often inaccurate given that every individual has a unique response to simulated sound stages – as such, virtual surround sound is often regarded as inferior to discrete surround sound set ups. They say that they have overcome these inaccurate sounds by using state-of-the-art technology. The surround sound algorithms powering Razer Surround creates an unbelievably accurate surround sound environment and allows gamers to calibrate positional sound to match their own unique preferences. This level of calibration allows Razer Surround to provide an incredible level of precision in-game, allowing gamers to have the unfair advantage.

This is a plug and play kind of software but, after you download this you might want to calibrate the software to your headphones. Razer has incorporated an awesome way to make sure that you will be able to hear whatever direction your enemy is coming from. In the calibration if you don’t think that the sound is coming from where you hear it you’re able to move the sound until you hear it in the right place. I personally didn’t need to move the sound around because I was able to hear the sounds in the right direction. If your one who like a lot of bass in your music or maybe not as much you can adjust that after the calibration along with other things, such as voice clarity if you’re using a headset.

Razer Surround2


Great for gaming

Works with pretty much any headphones

Gives great personalization features

Has all of the Razer headphones preprogrammed

All of your settings are stored on the Cloud

Amazing when used with music

Free to download and use!

When you download you can donate money that goes to the ChildsPlay Charity


If you don’t already have any Razer products or the Razer synapse 2.0 you will need to download it and make an account with Razer for the synapse 2.0


My Experience:

I have used this software for around a week now and I have thoroughly enjoyed using it. The first game that I used it on was Battlefield 3 and pretty much immediately after installing it and I was amazed. I could hear anyone around me and I mistook many teammates for the enemy. I have used it in Gary’s Mod Prop Hunt as well and I have been able to pinpoint where the taunting has come from every time. When it comes to music I keep my bass boost on 50 because it gives a little more bass but not too much as to be annoying. I love using the Razer Surround and I will keep using it until my computer dies and then for some time after.

Go get this software at www.razerzone.com in the software subsection of their products section.


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