Rocket League: I’m A Rocket Man

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It’s safe to say that 2015 so far has been a great year for gaming. We’ve had some very major releases this year that many people were looking forward to, with GTA V finally making its way to PC, The Witcher 3, and Arkham Knight’s (alibiet currently broken) release. However, sometimes what makes a particular year in gaming especially memorable can be the games that seemingly come out of nowhere. Wii-U owners now are going crazy over Splatoon, and it wasn’t that long ago that ARK was released. However, this week has seen a new game absolutely explode over the markets, it’s the PS4 & PC based Rocket League, the best sports game you didn’t know you wanted to play.

To put the base concept of Rocket League out there, it’s a simplified version of soccer involving up to 8 total players driving rocket powered RC cars. You pick up boost on the field, launch yourself in the air, and drive up the side walls, it’s a casual, simplifield take on the soccer experience. However, it is absolutely astounding how much the game will grab you, and how exhilirating it is to expereince the chaoticness that can happehow much this basic concept has such strong legs that the game is able to get away with a lack of features compared to other sports games. It hardly needs them. That’s not to say the game lacks features at all. For starters, you have 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 standard modes, all of which can feel significantly different when it comes to field control, and teamplay. There’s ranked modes as well, but these are far more limited, you have 1v1, ranked duo 2v2, and solo 3v3. A game like this is definitely needs ranked 3v3 teams and possibly 4v4 teams, but don’t worry lads, within 2 days of release, the game was picked up by ESL. In fact, the first EU cup for the game is taking place today, including, and I shit you not, a team named PlsHaveMercy going against No Mercy. I know who my money is on.

Outside of the online play, you have an exhibition mode for quick games against bots, a season mode, drills to hone your skills, a replay mode to edit your favorite victories together, and your garage to customize your cars. You unlock parts as you play such as new tires, cars, paint, decals, boost trails, and hats (you didn’t think you could get away from hats could you?) that you earn nearly every game from playing. The customization is a nice touch, but the majority of time you will be playing this game will mostly be online, going to the garage inbetween matches. That isn’t to say you will never stop playing online, since the game’s servers can occasionally be extremely laggy, but to be fair, there’s good reason for this.

On Tuesday, Rocket League launched for $20 on PC, of you have PS+ on PS4, you can play it for free right now, add in Twitch and you had a game that went from 0 players to over 120,000 players in just a couple of days, completely overwhelming the developers expectations, and thus their twitter, their forums, and of course their servers, leading to some significant outages. The game has completely taken over twitch, and is now the one of the top sellers on steam. What myself, and many others will be wondering, is the lasting power of this game. It has significant potential to be a big esports title despite its casual nature. But current lack of support for ranked 3v3 or 4v4 teams is a pretty major disappointment. We will have to see what the developer does down the line, their new found popularity is bound to have some development changes outside of the already announced customization DLC.

I know the sports genre is a tough sell on PC, probably the most difficult, but few will be disappointed in the gameplay that Rocket League offers. It’s highly addictive gameplay has already been noted by many, and ESL’s presence will soon spread its way over to PC. Today’s tournament is PS4 exclusive, but PC support and tournaments will soon be making its way to PC, and yes, Deadly Gaming will be competing. Calling now, we’re not gonna be a squad, we’re gonna be Team Rocket.


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